Drove down to LM yesterday on Monday (Labor Day) but didn’t end up surfing.. so crowded and closeouts everywhere. Sunny and warm so all the holiday folks were out. Today was the opposite.. nice and quiet with just a handful of surfers. Caught three waves. Already used to the Superfish except for getting through really large breaks. If the nose is up at all, and the wave is large, it’s easy for the nose to get slapped back. I’m still occasionally wobbly when paddling out in rough conditions. But it’s so much easier to maneuver and turning is great. The superfish definitely feels the right length, though, which is awesome considering I dropped 1′ 10″ from the Mitsu.

#23 / 2pm
[3-4 ft. waist to chest high and poor-fair conditions.]
[Lee’s meal of choy, broccoli, tofu, banana. After, protein smoothie and tofurkey sandwich.]