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The Hook

38th Ave

Capitola Overlook

The Hook


Rio Del Mar

Seacliff State Beach

Paddlin’ (Capitola 082312)

No surf today. As in completely flat. Paddled “laps” instead. Still good to get in the ocean and relax and work out. C’mon swell! #173 / 12:30pm

The Hook

Small Waves with Friends (Capitola 081912)

Fun Sunday double sesh. Some of the Twitter surf crew were talking about coming down to Capitola for Darren‘s birthday. The Sunday ukelele band was playing when we…

The Hook

Sunday Fun (Capitola 081212)

Still feeling a bit sick (stuffy noise, partial scratchy throat) but definitely wanted to surf today. Headed out just as tide was dropping expecting some of the bigger…

Small Waves (Capitola 081112)

Got there early to get parking for a Saturday morning. Our new thing is to drive the few minutes to the break to find a spot, then have…

Lefts, Too! (Capitola 081012)

So stoked today. First ride of the day occurred just seconds after we paddled out: a long smooth left on the outside of the cove that took me…

Mellow Marine Layer (Capitola 080812)

Got up early to surf before our meetings. Today was the fifth consecutive day I’ve surfed. Feeling really good. Beautiful, mellow, glassy waves this morning and only a…

That Wave (Capitola 080712)

The sun was already shining this morning a few blocks in-land, but still shrouded in marine layer at the beach: one of those thick ones where you can…