Month: November 2012

Storm Swell

Capitola Palms

Sunday Rights (Capitola 112512)

Much smaller and weaker swell today as the WNW drops off, but still super fun to be out with summertime temps and mellow Sunday cheer. Nola was out…

Wave Machine (Capitola 112412)

Today was so good! Thought we might be too close to low tide but it turned out to be perfect. Started out smallish but then really turned on…

Fast and Fabulous (Capitola 112312)

Plan for the day was to surf and then go see Chasing Mavericks. Arrived near low tide and it looked good. Smaller than yesterday but still steady sets….

Giving Thanks (Capitola 112212)

We’ve been out of the water for nine days because of winter rain coupled with design work in SF. Waited one more day for the rain runoff to…

Natural Bridges


Low Tide and Clouds

Pacifica Sunset

Sunset Rides (Capitola 111212)

So stoked after today’s mellow, sunset surf. The WNW waves curled in from the kelp and the peak rolled in and swung left. It was sooo glassy. We…


Capitola Sunset

The Hook