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Lucky (Capitola 013113)

Felt lucky to live in Capitola today. Even though it looked pretty flat initially, as soon as I paddled out, regular small to medium fun waves rolled in….

First Time on the M10 (Capitola 012813)

Small window to surf today in between meetings. Bought a used 6’6″ M10 Tomahawk yesterday from Arrow surf shop on a whim. The board is made by local…

Four Mile

WNW and Offshore (Capitola 012613)

Glad Max said to go out today even though I was indecisive after seeing a huge overhead outside set roll through a couple of hours earlier. It was…

New WNW Swell at Capitola

WNW Swell (Capitola 012113)

The WNW swell is still holding up after a powerful 22s period this weekend with HH waves on the eastside. In SF, Ocean Beach was firing at triple…

WNW Swell at Capitola

WNW Swell Filling In – Capitola Beach

WNW Swell Filling In – Capitola Wharf

Small and Perfect at the Hook

Really small and slow at the Hook but even then, the wave is perfect and gorgeous.

Small Waves at Pleasure Point

Flat Capitola

Sunset Capitola

The Point

Low Tide Bumps (Capitola 010813)

We’re on a king tide again with super high this morning and negative low in the afternoon and the WNW swell’s faded since yesterday. It was rolling up…

The Point

After surfing, dropped the HP1 and Koa for repairs at BE, then went by the Point cafe for a tofu burrito and breakfast quesadilla. WNW still holding up…