Month: April 2014

90 Degrees and Offshore (Pacifica 043014)

90 degrees today, smallish and offshore. Woo! So stoked to get in a lunch time surf. Crowded lineups and beach. Lucky with parking again and a front spot…

Offshore and a Rainbow (Pacifica 042714)

Two weeks out of the water. Work. Windy. Rain. Work. Windy. Work. This morning was supposed to be drizzling but offshore so in spite of wanting to stay…

Cleaner Than Usual (Pacifica 041214)

Tide times didn’t work out for Saturday morning in Capitola, plus it’s been really small, so we opted for an early LM surf instead. Arrived around 9am and…

Glassier (Pacifica 041114)

Up on the first alarm and down to the beach for a fast surf before Max’s 8:45am meeting. Conditions were good for LM. Low wind, glassy, small corners….

Happy Dawn Patrol (Pacifica 040714)

Did it! Finally got up at 6 and made it down to LM for a Monday morning surf before work. Super stoked. A rare, sunny, windless, warm morning….