Month: May 2016

First time surfing Doran Beach (052916)

Camped at Bodega Dunes for the last two days in anticipation of coming over to surf Doran Beach for the first time, regardless of wave condition. Surprisingly the…

Waikiki Blues

From the Water

Waikiki Strolling

Waikiki Dreamin’ (052116)

So good this morning! Got out early. No crowds just our own spot catching waves with lines rolling through. So many lefts! #464 / 9’6 rental board

Waikiki Double Sesh (052016)

Morning sesh was awesome. Crazy rainbows this morning, perfectly arched into the horizon with all the colors of the spectrum. Easy to catch waves everywhere rolling left and…

Back to Waikiki (051916)

Back in Waikiki and so stoked. Max has a new 10′ “Waikiki Special” board by Randy Rarick (Bear) from Surf Garage. Lorelie has upgraded us to the junior…