9′ Harbour HP1 (9-0; 18″ nose; 22″ wide; 13 3/4″ tail; 2 3/4″ thick)

Mine has green rails and bottom and a bigger Harbour logo.

10′ Koa Board from Waikiki

The orange one.

The orange one.

7’3″ 7S Epoxy Super Fish XL[spec: 7’3″ x 22″ x 3″] (Info at Global Surf Industries but I recommend buying your board at Sonlight Surf Shop in Pacifica, CA if you’re local)


9′ Mitsu board (hand-shaped by Mitsu Matsushita in Oahu, Hawaii for the Roxy Pro Girl’s Team)


Xcel 4/3mm women’s OS Offset wetsuit, size 6 (Xcel wetsuits)


Hotline 5mm Split Toe Booties 2009, size 6 (Hotline product page) *for winter months in NorCal


O’Neill Mutant 3mm Split Toe Boots 2009, size 6 (O’Neill product page)


O’Neill 3mm DL Psycho Gloves, size small (O’Neill product page)


Gath Surf Hat/Helmet with EVA Headband and Comfort Strip Fitting System (Gath product page)


Doc’s Proplug red ear plugs, size small (Doc’s website)