The anticipated South swell arrived the past two days but its benefits have been borked by strong SSW winds. We drove down to the Jetty on Sunday and for the first time, didn’t surf and drove back to SF since it was so blown out and choppy. LM looked pretty blown out by the afternoon as well, although we heard it was pretty good that morning. We couldn’t make it this morning but headed down in the afternoon, thinking it might still be decent. It looked good when we got there, with a few lines of 3-4′ waves and some nice outside sets with some lefts and rights. The wind started to pick up, though, and by the time we were suited up, the outer break in front of the pumphouse looked mushy and the south end started to look like closeouts. Or perhaps it was just my attitude. Felt kind of out of sorts today. ;) Not sure why. Another hour later things seem to turn around again as we were sitting in the car and it started to get glassy again. It’s hard to gauge sometimes. Looks like the SSW winds might be tapering off by tomorrow. Hope so!

#80 / 3:30pm
[2-3 ft knee to waist high occ. 4 ft. PM REGIONAL OVERVIEW: SSW groundswell holds steady as NW windswell mix eases. Most breaks are good for waist-chest-shoulder high surf, with sets running head high to slightly overhead for top exposures. Conditions remain jumbled and sloppy at most breaks as SSW/SW winds remain steady in the 5-10kts+ range.]