Surprisingly fun surf today in spite of wind and mixed swell. There was a bit of chop but I got some fun waves in the mix. Last week was busy and before that, the Bay area had a week of rain and wind. I was jonesing for surf and even today’s mediocre conditions made me super stoked. Low expectations are awesome that way. Max tried out my 10′ board and was having a good time and his shoulder injuries may be fully recovered (fingers crossed)! Afterwards, I brought my Harbour over to Dan to check out a pressure ding and slight crack on the back of the board. Hopefully, it won’t take too long to fix, but in the meantime, it might be fun to try Max’s 9′ Harbour Banana or my old Mitsu.

#150 / 2pm

[3-4 ft waist to chest high occ. 5 ft. POOR TO FAIR CONDITIONS.REGIONAL SUMMARY: This afternoon a WNW groundswell holds steady with the better exposures generally in the chest-shoulder-head high range, as some sets hit up to a couple of feet overhead at top exposures. Light onshore winds in the early afternoon for mainly clean to textured conditions.]