Wow, look at the crowds on that wave! The holiday brought everyone to the beach and the lineup. We opted to catch waves by the first jetty where there were less surfers, but still a line of body boarders and foamies to turn through. Caught a few small ones while the marine layer faded and the sun came out.

#175 / 10am
[3-5′ at 15s. REGIONAL SUMMARY: This morning there’s a primary SSW groundswell with a little mid period SSE tropical swell from Ileana and traces of NW windswell. Dense fog is making it impossible to see the surf at most spots through town right now but expect waves to be in the 3-4-5′ range at the better exposures as standouts see plus sets. Winds are light early with a tide push through the morning. ]
3ft @ 14s from SSW (197)
1ft @ 14s from WNW (286)
1ft @ 7s from WNW (307)
1ft @ 4s from W (279)