Fun, mellow surf this morning. Got there at low tide and waited for it to rise a bit as we ate some food. While the swell was pretty small with lulls in between, there was still enough power to get lots of fun rides. I got some fun ones, including a nice long right with a fast turn and another with a steep drop by 2nd jetty. We were joined by only one shortboarder and a father and son. Later some other surfers and kids came over to hang on the inside. The waves picked up a bit near the end of our session, which meant lots of party waves.

You never know what you're going to see at the beach - a tiny piggy!

You never know what you’re going to see at the beach – a tiny piggy!

#191 / 10am / HP1
[REGIONAL SUMMARY: Small-scale waves work through this morning as inconsistent SSW swell continues, mixing with West-NW swell. Good breaks get up to about waist high, while other areas remain smaller. Light wind early for smooth surface conditions, and the tide hits a 3.06′ low around 8:30am.]
2ft @ 14s from W (280)
1ft @ 10s from WNW (281)
1ft @ 13s from SSW (194)
1ft @ 13s from SW (218)