The king tide meant high was over 6.4′ so we waited for it to drop to 2′ this afternoon. Watched some heats for the final day of Pipe Masters and then headed out at 3pm. As expected, waves were really small with a fading minor 1′ swell but we still got some fun waves with only two other surfers out. I got a nice one that took me way into the inside right and then connected to another little section. Water felt colder today and the air temps have dropped down to 50s again. It was a brisk and refreshing surf! Watched the rest of the Pipe contest afterwards to see some nice barrels and Parko win his first title.

#202 / 3pm / HP1
[Regional Summary: NW-WNW swell has come down slightly this morning and there is a big high tide around 10am so the surf is pretty slow through town. Many spots are flat while top winter breaks produce inconsistent and weak ankle to waist high sets. Surface conditions are clean.]
1ft 15s SW (203°)
1ft 11s SW (212°)