So stoked to be back in the water after weeks of storms that brought big waves but also choppy South winds and rain runoff. Capitola was completely brown after the first storm but it’s finally clear again. Waves were tiny today but on a rising 2′ tide, we got several fun rides! Max was on his Bruce which was perfect for the small waves. Tweaked my left arm/hand the past week but it’s better now. Just a slight soreness in my left arm. Had the GoPro on my board for the first time. Love being able to record the whole session. Hope the SW fills in a bit more tomorrow!

GoPro stills:

#198 / 2pm / HP1
[REGIONAL SUMMARY: Small-scale mix of easing WNW swell and minor SW-SSW swell on tap this morning for generally weak, inconsistent surf running knee high and under. Top spots hit waist high on the best sets. The tide hit a 5.38′ high around 5:30am, so shape is still very soft/slow overall. Light wind along with smooth surface conditions. ]
1ft @ 14s from SW (212)
<1ft @ 11s from SSW (199) <1ft @ 14s from WNW (294) <1ft @ 11s from W (264)