We’re on a king tide again with super high this morning and negative low in the afternoon and the WNW swell’s faded since yesterday. It was rolling up and sometimes breaking out at the kelp; other times on the inside with shifty peaks. Lots of paddling for ones that didn’t quite break, but also three fun small ones that took me through the kelp and to the inside. Satisfying to get those little sneaky ones. Felt so much warmer today at 60F with added heat from the sun. Cold front’s moving in tomorrow so I’m glad we got out!

#208 / 3pm / Harbour Banana 9′
[Regional Summary: WNW swell continues to offer up fun size surf with better breaks in the waist-head high range. Surface conditions are clean and the tide is dropping.]
2ft at 14s WNW (294°)
1ft at 14s SSW (199°)
0ft at 10s SSW (196°)