The WNW swell is still holding up after a powerful 22s period this weekend with HH waves on the eastside. In SF, Ocean Beach was firing at triple overhead and they held Maverick’s on Sunday in Half Moon Bay. Today was pleasantly a little smaller but still SH-HH on outside sets. Lots of water moving around even on a 2′ tide because of the swell. We forgot it was the MLK holiday and didn’t expect the crowds at the beach. Lots of uber groms and surfers ripping on their shortboards and a good mix of longboarders too. We lined up south of the outside lineup and checked things out. On the inside were a group of shortboarders so it made timing more tricky but both Max and I caught a few good waves. I was stoked after the first reform wave after being out of the water for almost two weeks (work then flat conditions last week). My best wave was right on the peak – fast and long and zipped me all the way to the inside. Max was on his shiny, new, red Harbour Banana 9’6 board for the first time and he loved it! Stoked.

#209 / 11:30am / HP1
[Regional Summary: Clean, nice size WNW swell continues this afternoon with chest-head high waves at good spots while standouts are running a couple to a few feet overhead on sets. Winds stay light and conditions are clean at report time.]
3ft at 16s WNW (293°)
1ft at 14s SSW (205°)
0ft at 11s S (183°)