(Posted in retrospect) Such a fun first surf in Shonan with small windswell waves that were easy to catch and fun to ride. Some of them were surprisingly long! I got a left that just kept going and going. Max traded rides with a stoked kid near him. Very polite crowd in the water and the overall sense was one of order and calm. Mt. Fuji was in the distance. The water wasn’t cold or warm but just right. Surreal to be in Japan especially after a full day and a half in Tokyo Shibuya area. Then to show up at a chill beach town on the train and be in the water was exhilarating. We rented boards at one of the local shops across the street. Somehow through Google Translate and hand gestures and smiles, we were able to rent wetsuits and boards for the two days. The Samurai Spirits wetsuits were pretty sweet. Max had to get his one to wear at home. Supposed to be a little swell tomorrow and low or offshore wind. Can’t wait!


#395 / 9’2
Kugenuma Beach – Shonan
1-2 ft
Very small short period wind waves from the southeast. Light and variable northwest winds with smooth seas.