Work life finally sorted out last week, ending my weird role w/ R, and beginning a new role with my old/new team. So stoked. Have the week off. Made it back to the beach after many months. Was supposed to be cloudy and over 10mph WNW winds. Turned out to be sunny and very low wind! Put my fin on, ate two bananas, played Pokemon, texted Max and headed out. Got two waves in the first 5 minutes with only one guy out on the same peak. Weeee. Rest of the sesh was like that. Fun little mushy waves. A couple of rights, a few lefts. Short and sweet. Stoked with 7 rides. Ran into Greg afterwards. Classic beach day.

Totally completed my to do list too! #staycation


#466 / 9′ Mitsu
Short-Term Forecast for SF-San Mateo County: A little extra NW windswell energy shows up through the day and may add a foot to some lineups by the afternoon. The SW swell fades slowly. Winds stay at it from the WNW. Tide drops to a 2.16′ at 3:23PM, then rises until well after dark.