Went to meet L for the first time. Got there late because of a traffic glitch on 280. Max got some wax at the hardware store across the lot, and L gave us a quick how-to on waxing our boards. He checked his watch and commented that the Jetty wasn’t great after 12:30. We rushed across the street, down the beach, and into the water. The break itself is awesome, but M and I didn’t get any real waves. It was our *first time* out on the Mitsu boards in NorCal (only once before in Hawaii) so I was just trying to balance on my board, and figure out where to be positioned, etc. The waves seemed really flat until the second right before it reached us. It was hard to spot the waves (so different than Hawaii). Max and I both paddled for some waves, but didn’t catch any. It was my first time paddling into a wave at an angle and I pearled both times. I didn’t get a clean chance to pop up. Just getting acquainted with the Mitsu board and kind of stressed from rushing. L got several shoulders going right, which got him stoked. Afterwards, we picked up burritos at the Mexican place in HMB and went over to L’s RV park to meet his wife, B. After eating, we headed up to Sonlight Surf Shop and met the cool owners, Dan and Robin. Max needed a wetsuit and L need to replace some ripped booties. Had a good time and it was nice of L to take us out. It was also great to try a new break, but I’m really looking forward to getting out by ourselves. Would love to try the Jetty again when there’s more time and less people. Need more water time!

Photo by n8agrin

#11 / 12:30pm