Finished client calls then headed for LM. Super warm today at 83+! It wasn’t that sunny by the time we got to Pacifica, but I was kind of glad it wasn’t as hot. Water felt great. Caught several waves and one in particular that was super fast. Not sure I did it or if the wave did (ha) but got a turn to the left for a bit and rode parallel to the beach. Lots of bodyboarders and surfers out today so I was on the look out (especially the kid with the helmet that was pretty close and I had to get out of his way a couple of times). Great to get out and feel strong.

#18 / 3pm
[2-3 ft.+ knee to chest high with occasional 4 ft. and fair conditions.]
[salad, broccoli, green beans, steamed fish; veggie dog after the client call; fresco burrito after]