Bought my 7’3″ Epoxy Superfish XL from Sonlight! Wanted to move down in size from the 9’1″ and have more maneuverability. Dan wasn’t there that day so Robin got me set up with the board, fins and bag. We also decided to buy helmets for the weekend crowds at LM. Did a quick wax on my board and we headed out. We were in a hurry to get back to the city for dinner with J+L. Surfed for about 20 minutes in fairly poor conditions but had a great time. The board was so much easier to maneuver and turn.. Caught two white water waves at the end! Pearled a bit on some waves and think it’s because I’m not leaning up enough when I paddle. Also, need more wax!

Found a good video on how to wax your board tonight, stripped the wax and redid it and it’s got perfect bumps now. The base coat smells like coconut… heavenly, with a layer of grape sticky bumps for the top coat. Fun to apply and smells intoxicating. Can’t wait to get out tomorrow and have more time to get to know my board; practice paddling and pop ups and catch some waves.

#21 / 3 pm
[Small, sloppy mix of SW swell and NW windswell continues this afternoon. Most breaks are under knee high, with a few weak knee-waist high waves making it through standouts. Onshore flow is on the rise, putting a decent bump/texture to the surface, making for poor conditions overall. Buoys reading 4ft @ 7sec. The winds were NW @ 8kts.]
[Lee’s meal, half a Clif bar; Fresco burrito after]