We were determined to go to bed earlier last night and did it. After client work, we made it down to LM by around 12:30. Parking lot was full but we found a spot right away. Went out at high tide. Waves looked choppy and fairly big and the break was pretty packed. So foggy and gray you couldn’t even see the horizon. Felt strong today and was excited to have a chance to get to know my new Superfish board. Paddled out every chance I had, instead of walking it out through the break. The Superfish is so easy to maneuver and paddle through the break zone. It’s also a breeze to turn. Caught several waves without standing up in the beginning, just to get a feel for the board and balance. I only pearled once but pulled out of it by leaning back. By the end, I had stood up on three waves and rode them in. The Superfish feels even faster than the Mitsu (which was already fast!). Only one thing I’m still getting used to is that my right knee seems to get in the way when I’m popping up now… probably because of the shorter board. Not sure but I need to figure that out.

There was a father on a foamy teaching his kid and he kept shouting directions, which was a bit distracting so I moved farther towards the north end where there was more room. Pretty much had that little section to myself. Later, I came out and walked up the beach to paddle out again near Max. We took a short break, then went out again back where I had been earlier. Stayed out much longer than previous times. Great day! Love my new board! Stopped by Sonlight to get some ear plugs.

#22 / 12:45 pm
[2-3 ft.+ knee to chest high with occasional 4 ft. and poor-fair conditions.]
[WF’s bean, rice, cheese burrito, banana; after, mango protein smoothie and tofurkey sandwich.]