It’s great to be back on Oahu. Despite overcast skies and occasional rain storms, surf conditions were excellent (2-3 feet at 15 seconds, no wind). Looking out at the ocean, there were breaking waves in places I’d never seen stretching from Canoes, Queens to some outer breaks almost near the horizon line. We headed towards Canoes which was unusually uncrowded for a Sunday. Because of the rain, there were even less people out than usual and the outrigger boats weren’t out at all, making the experience even more mellow. Got in some great paddling and loved the welcome back to warm water. Looking forward to more waves tomorrow and hopefully, double sessions (morning and afternoon).

#49 / 4 pm
[2-3 ft. 15 seconds. Light and variable east-southeast winds with smooth seas. Small long period swell from the south-southwest.]
[Vegan burger from Ruffage]