Such a gorgeous day today with temps in the 70s, clear blue skies and sun in SF, Pacifica and Half Moon Bay. It’s also Friday, so there were lots of families and kids playing around on the beach and boogie boarding in the water. Max and I got to the Jetty around 1 and we knew the winds would be picking up with predicted 17 kts from the NW. I had to hold onto my board with both hands to get across the road and down to the beach without it catching the wind. Most waves had spray whipping off the peaks because of the wind. We scoped out a small but good break near where we were the other day, a bit south of the walkway. I caught numerous reforms and had a blast. Still waiting for the elusive wave breaking right near the jetty, but I’m sure that day will come soon enough :) I also didn’t notice any difference in performance with the new Proteck quad fins on the Superfish.

#70 / 1pm
[2-3 ft Light northwest winds with a slight chop. Small long period swell from the west. REGIONAL SUMMARY: WNW wind/groundswell mix tops out as old SSW energy lingers in the background. Winds are steady out of the NW this morning making for textured/sloppy conditions across most of the region. Better breaks are running in the chest-shoulder-head high zone with larger sets for top exposures in the 2-3′ overhead range. Expect conditions to worsen through the day as onshore flow becomes breezy out of the NW.]
[Bean and rice burrito, Cliff bar]