It was another beautiful day in HMB – sunny, temps in the upper 60s, and full of Saturday cheer. It was warm enough to wear boardshorts and flip-flops and finally felt like summer. Despite small waves, I still went with the 7’3″ Superfish and am absolutely loving it. I’ve spent enough time on it now to feel comfortable. My pop-up is fast again, paddling is a breeze and I’ve managed to get in some nice short turns. I focused on paddling for small unbroken waves today and had luck getting four from the outside. Such a great feeling to paddle in at the right spot, make the tiny takeoff, pop-up low and ride it out. Tomorrow promises to be the same conditions so more practice awaits!

#71 / 1:15pm
[1-2 ft Light and variable northwest winds with smooth seas. Small short period wind waves from the west-northwest. 2ft @ 8s from WNW (304) REGIONAL SUMMARY: NW wind/groundswell fades, mixing with small-scale SSW (180-200) energy for shoulder-head high+ surf. Top spots see sets running a couple feet overhead. Light wind early with some residual surface texture at the more open areas.]
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