It was overcast when I drove out of the city and down to Pacifica for another solo sesh. Rain was on the forecast but I had the day free to myself and what better way to spend part of Sunday? The parking lot was pretty full when I got there but the fog was so dense, I couldn’t see the surfers out in the water from the lot. Rain started to fall as soon as I got there and since Max had the waterproof camera for his Sierra adventure and I had my non-waterproof Lumix camera, I didn’t take a photo. The shot above is a screenshot of the surf cam with an Instagram filter on it ;) Conditions were mixed and I mostly stayed near the South end with a cluster of other of surfers. Got a few fun rides in the rain!

#97 / 1pm
[2-3 ft + knee to chest high. Fair conditions. AFTERNOON REGIONAL SUMMARY: Rain and WSW wind keep things looking funky for most spots this afternoon, although the S wind protected nooks see a few rideable waves sneaking through. The tide remains pretty full, so shape is on the lumpy/sectiony side. Size-wise, expect a few more of those 5-6’+ sets showing as that mid-period WNW energy continues to fill in.]