Another amazing day surfing Seal Beach with Mike Jr. Today’s class was a varied group of surfers who had been taking lessons with them off and on (Keith with the baseball hat, Joe with the yellow G&G board), as well as a family of three (Kyle and his parents who were surfing for the first time). We’ve adjusted to the new early schedule and felt good this morning. It was great to observe everyone in the lineup and see when Mike had them start paddling, judging the sets and whether to go right or left. Watching other surfers is invaluable experience too. I was super stoked to nail two good rights and more lefts than I can count. I improved my timing and correctly gauged which wave and when to paddle for it. It really helps to be out for 3 hours in warm weather, with a great instructor, a friendly group of surfers of all levels and perfect wave conditions for both lefts and rights.

Party wave with Max

I was riding one wave when I saw Michael Sr. to my left. He yelled, “turn left and aim right for me!” I did and swooped to the left and rode it all the way to the beach. Ahhh. So many good waves and so much fun. I love M&M with their super-helpful, incredible surf knowledge, endless enthusiasm and genuine friendliness. They’re the best.

#103 / 8am

[2-3 ft knee to waist high. 15 seconds. This morning’s dawn patrol: Glassy, inconsistent low tide lines hitting waist high on the rare occasion.]