Max and I celebrated Labor Day with another fun sesh at LM. The holiday crowd was out with lots of surfers, surf classes, beach goers and families having picnics under overcast skies. We knew the SSW swell was fading and expected the waves to be smaller than yesterday. Still, I’ll take mostly glassy conditions with few closeouts and little wind any time. The waves were perfect for our longboards and we both got lots of mellow rides from the outside between the TB and the pumphouse. Good times!

#109 / 11:45am

[Southern Hemi energy passes by. Expect broken-up peaks out of the NW-WNW running around knee-waist high+. REGIONAL SUMMARY: SSW(200-210) Southern Hemi energy slowly fade today as NW-WNW wind/groundswell mixes in. Better exposures offer up knee-waist-chest high waves, with a few larger peaks for standouts. Winds are light onshore out of the West for some bump/texture as the tide approaches a 4.5′ high.]