We would’ve preferred to surf in the morning but we were happy to make it down to the break this afternoon. From the cam, we could see a small group of surfers catching waves in the middle. Linda Mar looked flat other than some small clean lines rolling in and some side wind causing texture on the surface. When we arrived, the waves looked small and breaking close to the beach and as a result, there were surprisingly few surfers out in the water for a sunny, warm Friday. Some longboarders were catching short lefts and rights and one shortboarder got a tiny section before riding onto the beach, right onto the sand. We paddled out and waited through the lull between sets. When they eventually came in, there was just enough force to catch them on my longboard and ride a smooth section. I was happy to catch four rides, including one memorable left where my board was trimming perfectly. I crouched down low to keep some speed, grabbed my rail and rode it out while getting some water spraying off the peak from the wind.

#123 / 1:30pm

[2-3 ft + knee to chest high. POOR TO FAIR CONDITIONS. Afternoon Report: Lightly crumbled with mostly waist high lines (with the rare plus set) and occasional open shoulders rolling through on the higher tide. Best for a bigger board.]