Beautiful conditions today. It was about waist-high with light offshore winds and no closeouts! It was a welcome sight. While we were suiting up, I spotted a section that broke left and lined up near TB, but I never managed to catch one of those. I did get a fun left a bit farther south. Today was another milestone in Max’s return as he managed to paddle out and sit with me on the outside. Woo!! The current was pushing up south so we paddled north. I got another few short rides before the next lull between sets. Great time.

#148 / 2pm

[2-3 ft + knee to chest high. FAIR CONDITIONS. REGIONAL SUMMARY: Old NW swell fades while minor South swell mixes in. Most breaks across the region are in the waist-chest high range, with open exposures still pulling in some shoulder-head high sets at times. Conditions are clean with offshore flow and a dropping tide helping the overall shape at many locations.]