It looked like a lake when we arrived but turned out to be a really fun session at LM. Tiny thigh-to-waist-high green waves were easy to catch and rolled in fairly consistently for about 40 minutes. I got so many fun rides. There were only 3 other surfers around me catching waves. Fog kept the wind away and the water seemed warmer than it has in weeks. Plenty of parking for a Friday too. Relaxing summer sesh. Wish Max could have surfed but he tweaked his right foot somehow and is trying to stay off of it.

#162 / 3:30pm (1hr)
[REGIONAL SUMMARY: Weak NW windswell and SSW swell energy continue this morning as the tide fills in. Most breaks continue to see surf running 1-3′ at best, with some rare larger peaks for top exposures. Winds are fairly light, but conditions are generally pretty marginal for most spots. Dense, patchy fog along the coast is making visibility an issue for some spots.]