Small window to surf today in between meetings. Bought a used 6’6″ M10 Tomahawk yesterday from Arrow surf shop on a whim. The board is made by local SC shaper Geoff Rasche and in great shape for $125. Max has been enjoying his Pearson minigun and after seeing so many shortboarders out last weekend, I figured, why not give it a go? This was the second time I’ve ever been out on a shortboard. The first was the 6’6″ Firewire Dominator a month or so ago. The Firewire was much wider and more buoyant. The M10 felt lean and tiny. Paddling out was a workout and sitting on it took some getting used to but after about twenty minutes, I started to get comfortable and could definitely see the potential. So much more agile and zippy. Loved the ease of lining up to the peak and spinning around into position. Max and I lined up near second jetty while Nola and Ryan were farther out. Waves were small to medium today and sometimes breaking too far in, but I was able to get the feel and paddled in front of the curl twice, almost making it to my feet. Fun!

#211 / 2:40pm / M10 6’6″
[Regional Summary: Rising WNW-NW swell mix this afternoon with chest-head high zone at exposures, as standout winter spots see overhead sets. Light+moderate NW winds in the early afternoon for mainly semi-clean conditions. The tide drops to a negative low around 5:00pm.]
1ft at 14s WNW (285°)
1ft at 11s SSW (192°)
0ft at 20s WNW (213°)