Felt lucky to live in Capitola today. Even though it looked pretty flat initially, as soon as I paddled out, regular small to medium fun waves rolled in. Couldn’t believe I was the only one out for a late afternoon surf. Nathan and the guy on the fish were by first jetty, but I was the only one surfing 2nd jetty. Got five fun waves in 30 minutes. Warm and sunny too. Wish Max had been out too but he wasn’t feeling well. Instead he took the awesome photos in this post. Thanks, love!

#212 /4:30pm / HP1
[Regional Summary: Small-scale WNW groundswell wrapping in today, which offers the better exposures with waves mainly in the 2-3’+ zone. Standout winter breaks produce occasional sets around 4′. Clean conditions prevail, with light offshore wind. Tide will fill in and top out with a 4.2′ high at 12:40pm.]
1-2 ft
1ft at 15s W (280°)
1ft at 16s SW (212°)
1ft at 12s S (185°)