To go with our new work lifestyle, we’ve been shifting our schedule back the past two weeks and getting up around 6:30/7am almost every day other than Sunday. Today we got down to Linda Mar by 8am and surfed for the first time before heading into Adobe. Milestone! Lots of fog when we arrived but unusually warm and no wind. We knew it would be low tide and small but saw some little sections. Paddled out and caught some fun tiny waves in front of TB. Max had left his leash at home and surfed without one for the first time. The beach and lineups were uncrowded. Glassy ocean. Fog lifting off the water. Peaceful. Afterwards, the sun peaked through and we grabbed a breakfast burrito and headed back stoked.

#247 / 9am / HP1
[This morning’s dawn patrol: Mainly around knee-waist high on sets. Mostly sectiony, soft lines with clean surface conditions. Incoming tide all morning.]
2′ @ 8s NW 318