Short sesh and short rides but so stoked to get out early before work. Warm air temps at 60F in the morning and the water felt so warm. @Waves_SF mentioned it was 64F in the water. Low tide and small waves (though some swell is supposed to come in tonight). From the lot, it looked flat but once out in the lineup, there were plenty of jumbly waves rolling in. I caught five waves, including an awesome left and two fast rights. Max was out on his 9’2 Mitsu for the first time and got a good left and liked his board. WOO. Also saw a big jellyfish in the water.

#346 / 8 (40) / 1′ rising / 8’ Revolver
1-2 ft- ankle to knee high
AM Report and Short-Term Forecast for SF-San Mateo County: Tiny mix of swells continues to provide weak knee+ surf at top spots today. Ligt SW winds offer clean surface texture at exposed spots, while sheltered spots are glassy. Grey skies now, as the tide comes up to a 4.79′ at 11:17am, then drops to a .66 at 3:54pm. Look for a slight increase in windswell as the day goes on.
5ft at 6s NW (314°)
1ft at 9s WNW (287°)
0ft at 15s SW (229°)