Friday + some stress at work with many unknowns = must get a surf in before the crowded weekend. Max slept in and I got up in the dark for a solo sesh. Pulled into the main lot and watched some nice offshore lines roll in and then closeout. Moved to the south lot, finished my latte, ate a banana and suited up. Waves were breaking close to shore with the 3′ tide. Opted for boat-docks where I’d seen a guy get two good lefts before I headed out and a little kid got a super long left too. Made it out and waited it out with a group of about five surfers. Waited. Waited. No sets came through and the clock was ticking. Checked my watch and 20 minutes had passed. Eek. Paddled north towards another lineup and a group of surfers huddled mostly on the inside. Went for a few but they didn’t break. Got a short ride before I had to head in and get to work. Rushed but still worth it!

#352 / 7:20 (40) / 3′ rising / 8’ Revolver
2-3 ft +- knee to chest high occ. 4 ft.
PM Report and Short-Term Forecast for SF-San Mateo County:SW groundswell mixes with NW windswell to provide waist-chest high surf in the region. Standout breaks will see some head high+ sets. Solid SW winds add a bunch of texture to surface conditions at exposed breaks. Tide is coming 6.37′ at 8:16pm. Expect size to hold and wind to increase all day.
4ft at 9s NW (314°)
1ft at 12s SW (227°)
0ft at 16s SW (225°)