Been waiting to surf, but work/sleep… the usual suspects got in the way last week. Everyone in CA is waiting for the SW swell to come through. SoCal’s been getting multiple end-of-summer swells (two weeks ago from Hurricane Marie that made Newport and the Wedge look like Hawaii). Thinking they’ll run more of the Trestles contest tomorrow. This morning was supposed to be 22s and 1ft. Got up early for a solo sesh to see what that looked like. Greeted by an empty beach, pretty flat conditions, and one guy out in the water on his foamie longboard. Perfect morning to play with Max’s Po! My custom’s been done for a couple of weeks. Been fun messaging/talking to Lance. Can’t wait to go get it tomorrow. Today was like the other time I took Max’s Po out – jumbly, small waves barely breaking before shore. Same spot too. Just north of the pumphouse. Got my first ride and laughed. The old guy fishing on shore raised his arm in mutual stoke. Only one guy south of me on his Wavestorm paddling around. Got another tiny wave and had fun paddling around on the Po. Lots of birds flying around. Just me and a few surfers out this morning. Fun. Wonder if this SW will materialize up here. SC’s supposed be getting it tomorrow. We’ll see!

#353 / 7:15 (40) / 3′ dropping / Max’s 6’2 Po
1-2 ft- ankle to knee high occ. 3 ft.
PM Report and Short-Term Forecast for SF-San Mateo County: New, long period SW is beginning to pulse, offering inconsistent sets in the head high+ range for the standout S swell magnets. Otherwise, a small blend of NW windswell and leftover SW swell offers knee high+ surf in the region. Blue skies and onshore breeze make for lightly textured conditions at exposures. TIde comes up to a 5.72′ at 4:22pm, then drops super low after dark. Look for onshore wind to increase and new SW to continue to fill in as the day goes on.
1ft at 8s NW (327°)
1ft at 9s WNW (301°)
1ft at 24s SW (226°)