Didn’t manage to get up and down to the beach yesterday to try the Po, and just had to get down there today. Max opted for sleep and I headed down in the dark. Streets were wet with rain and it was strangely humid. Stopped at Peets and got on the interstate when the rain started to come down harder. Um, what am I doing? I thought. But then I rounded the corner to Pacifica and the rain had stopped and a heavy fog blended the sky into the sea. Peaceful. Pulled into a fairly full lot. Lots of shortboarders heading for the north end. The middle was mostly one long closeout, but it there was a slight offshore wind, and mostly glassy. A bit farther south was a cluster of surfers. Saw Tracy head out with her blue Ashley Lloyd board. I suited up and headed a bit south to my own spot to try the Po for the first time. Paddled out easily. Board felt good already. More work to paddle than the Revolver, obviously, but didn’t have to adjust much to find my spot. Waited on the inside with a shortboarder. Went for a few that didn’t quite break. Moved farther inside. Fun difference of the Po (vs. the Revolver) is spending more time just laying on the board (vs. sitting up). Paddle to meet the peak, then whip around to go for the wave. Got a fun ride at the end, kind of high on the wave as it rolled in towards the beach. Skatey and fun. Love the board!


Gridlock from Pacifica back to SF. Took an hour :(

Gridlock from Pacifica back to SF. Took an hour :(

#354 / 7:20 (40) / 3′ dropping / Custom Ebert 6’2 Po

3-4 ft +- waist to shoulder high
PM Report and Short-Term Forecast for SF-San Mateo County: A combo of SW groundswell and WSW to WNW wind and groundswell mix is producing fairly peaky and crossed up waves in the chest-head high range at many breaks, while standouts are overhead on the sets. Skies are mostly cloudy and wind continues from the S/SSW around 6-10kts. South wind protected breaks are glassy and even the open and exposed breaks don’t look too bad this afternoon. Look for the swell mix to hold similar size through the remainder of the day as the wind gradually shifts SW to W over the afternoon and evening.
4ft at 8s WSW (246°)
3ft at 12s WNW (294°)
2ft at 16s SW (227°)