Haven’t gotten to the beach in two weeks and wasn’t sure I remembered how to surf ;) Last two weeks were different… came back from Maui to a heat wave in SF and had that weird return flight with nonstop sneezing and a runny nose for 5 hours. Went to the doctor and had my left ear unblocked. Work is in transition. Max has been on a cooking binge, which has been fun. Waves have been huge with various storm swells. Mavs was going off this week. Finally, today looked good – smaller at 3-5′ and slight offshore. Max tweaked his thumb last night so he couldn’t surf but he came with for tacos and photos. Sunny day and some Friday crowds at lunch, but it cleared out by the time I headed out near TB at the south end. Found my own little spot and tried to get little inside waves on the Po. So fun. Paddling around, water felt great. Gotta get out more.


#356 / 12:50 (50) / 2.5′ rising / Custom Ebert 6’2 Po
3-4 ft- waist to chest high occ. 5 ft.
PM Report and Short-Term Forecast for SF-San Mateo County:NW swell has dropped a lot, and mixed with the small SW swell pushing through, the waves are in the waist to head high range. Some swell magnets will still see some overhead sets through the morning. Cloudy skies and SW winds have chopped up the surf a bunch. The tide is coming up to a 4.74′ at 6:53pm. Look for swell to fade and S winds to come up through the day.
3ft at 11s WNW (289°)
2ft at 7s WSW (241°)
1ft at 14s SW (228°)