Beautiful sunny morning. Max’s knee is getting better but he’s still not able to surf yet so I headed down solo before work. Missed the past few days of bigger swell with higher tides in the morning. Temps dropped to the 50s which seems so cold all of a sudden. Stayed in this weekend and watched the finals of the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa where Dusty Payne came back in two minutes with two great waves to beat Julian’s airs. Swell at Haleiwa was epic the first day with big bombs. This morning was the opposite. Kinda flat and really windy. The offshore winds look good in the photo but in reality it wasn’t breaking until almost on shore. The north end was pretty good but a big crowd over there. I stayed more in the middle, paddling about trying to catch the insiders. Got a couple of really short, white-watery rides. Just a few of us there. Guy on a shortboard got a few with his girlfriend. Water temp is definitely dropping. Good to get out. As usual, need more water time and some longer waaavvves.

#360 / 10:40 (45) / 2.5′ dropping / Custom Ebert 6’2 Po
2-4 ft- knee to shoulder high
AM Report and Short-Term Forecast for SF-San Mateo County: Small scale NW swell offers up some waist to head high surf today at exposures,while best winter breaks will see some overhead sets on occasion. Winds are offshore from the NE allowing for nice, clean conditions. Tide peaks at a 5.49′ at 7am, then drops to a 1.31′ at 1:32pm. Look for size to hold and winds to stay favorable all day.
4ft at 12s WNW (281°)
1ft at 11s SW (222°)
0ft at 14s SSW (204°)