Even lower tide than yesterday. Choppy with NW winds. Water pulled back so far the sand/beach looked so huge from the parking lot. Didn’t see any ridable waves or anyone get any. Whatevs. Might as well get wet. Max’s foot is still on the mend so he sat out. I stood at the water’s edge out from TB for a good five minutes and watched three guys struggle in the closeouts during a set, with water moving every which way, waves running into each other, nothing breaking until shore, and messy and powerful shorebreak. Didn’t bother walking out there but went farther south to paddle out. Three short boarders were sitting more on the inside. I moved south of them after a few, seeing that there was more potential there with some sections. One of the choppiest sessions I’ve had. Roller coaster paddling and dodging waves. Really fun, actually. Cool to be out there in the elements desperado surfing. Loving my board too. So stoked when I managed to determine the right spot and caught two waves. On super crappy days, the satisfaction comes from being the only one in the lineup, making your own decisions and being proud of yourself when you get it right :)

#379 / 2 (30) / .2′ / 7′4 Mitsven Egg
2-4 ft- knee to shoulder high occ. 5 ft.
Morning Report for SF-San Mateo County: Mid-sized W swell fades through the day. Shoulder-head high+ waves result at most exposures. Better winter spots see some well overhead sets through the morning. Winds are light from the E now, allowing for clean conditions. Tide is dropping to a 0.59′ at 12:13pm.
6ft at 12s W (275°)
1ft at 4s S (188°)
1ft at 11s SW (217°)