Had an annoying cold for the past few days. The only upside was getting to stare at my new 7′4 Mitsven Egg, which I bought at Mollusk this weekend. It’s sooo beautiful. Red (deep with a hint of fuchsia) and super glossy. 7’4 x 22 x 2 7/8″ – a scaled down version of the Revolver but with Mitsven’s signature rails and a small 7.5″ Skip Frye fin. Kept wondering what it was going to feel like. Turned out to be so rad. Didn’t feel small. Easy to paddle. Felt super stable and natural. Agile and responsive. And all this on a pretty crappy, low (king) tide dropping, choppy with onshore winds kind of day! Big sets would roll through but not break until bam – right onto shore. Didn’t want to get too close in and get caught by an outside sneaky one (as many did). Lots of paddling, lots of chop. Several big ones to paddle over. Managed to snag one near the end but thought the guy on the yellow board was to my left so I hesitated on the popup and knee-rode my first wave. Ha. Stood up on some whitewash at the end coming in. Not gonna be too hard on myself since the conditions were so crappy today. In spite of that, I could tell this board and I are going to be great friends. Stoked.

The new 7'4 Mitsven Egg

The new 7’4 Mitsven Egg

Narwhal by Mel this morning

Narwhal by Mel this morning

#376 / 2 (40) / 1′ dropping / 7′4 Mitsven Egg
4-5 ft- shoulder to head high occ. 6 ft.
Afternoon Report for SF-San Mateo County: WNW is on the decline all day today, but is still offering up some overhead surf for exposures. Best swell magnets will see some bigger sets as well. Winds are light and variable allowing for mostly clean conditions. Tide drops to a -1.16′ at 5:23pm

Short-Term Forecast for SF-San Mateo County: Look for swell size to drop until friday. Shape should improve through the day, at least until/unless the wind blows light onshore in the afternoon.
6ft at 12s WNW (288°)
1ft at 12s SW (217°)
1ft at 20s WNW (282°)