We unintentionally arrived at low tide again and with a weakening swell, it was pretty flat and super shallow. Only a few people out and waves breaking on the inside onto shore. Couldn’t believe that we actually caught a couple of waves! Sunny but windy with offshore spray shooting up as waves hit the beach. New west swell building later today and supposed to continue for the next couple of weeks.


#375 / 11 (40) / low tide / 8′ Revolver
4-7 ft- shoulder high to 2 ft overhead
Afternoon Report for SF-San Mateo County: Old W swell continues to fade, while new, larger WNW swell is filling in. Overhead+ waves result at the better exposures. Head high sets show at the more sheltered locations. Winds are steady NE still, making for clean conditions. Tide dropped to a 1.31′ at 12:17pm, and rises to a 3.76′ at 6:34pm.
6ft at 16s W (273°)
3ft at 12s W (276°)
1ft at 15s SW (213°)