Got up a bit late today but still made it down for a surf before afternoon work meetings. Tide was really low and the waves looked so-so but the sun was shining. We went out at boatdocks. You could probably have walked out to the lineup. Got a small ride right away and sat down at the end of my ride and my foot touched rock right away. Lots of kelp on the inside. In spite of jumbly conditions, we both got lots of short rides farthest south than anyone else. I even found a fun left that went for a bit longer than the other ones. Yay.


#374 / 12 (40) / 1.5′ dropping / 8′ Revolver
3-4 ft +- waist to shoulder high
Afternoon Report for SF-San Mateo County: Old W swell continues to fade. Waist-shoulder high waves are common at most spots, while standout breaks see some head+ high sets. Winds are light+ NE in the early afternoon for textured+ conditions. Tide rises to a 3.71′ at 4:57pm.
4ft at 12s WNW (281°)
2ft at 6s WNW (309°)
1ft at 14s SSW (204°)