Snoozed for an epic couple of hours this morning just because it was so comfy and it was Sunday. Figured we had missed the good early light offshore wind and wondered if we could find parking. Magically, there was a front spot open on the first try. The beach and water were packed, with black specks of surfers literally everywhere. Ah, weekend. More size today but also just long lines of closeouts from north to middle. South looked soooo packed. Saw Tracy, Greacen and his girls head down to the north end, while Tracy paddled out and they walked out in the water to body surf. After we ate, we decided to go south and see if we could get some of those boat docks lefts that we saw from afar. Super kelp everywhere down there. One type that looked like brown evergreen pine that I’d never seen out in the lineup. Big clumps every few feet. Near shore, the long grassy strands filled the water and you had to almost grab it on the paddled back out since it was so thick in the water. Wish I had the GoPro to shoot some cool water photos. The brown hair woman on the pastel green longboard was getting good lefts off the set. Her teenage friend on the pink/blue neptune was getting ones inside of her. Max was over closest to the cliff and I hung closer to the them, taking turns paddling for easy waves that steeped up, and zipped left through the grassy kelp. Both Max and I got kelped on a couple of rides – stops your board immediately and you fly off it. So fun today and surprising to paddle out on a crowded day and find solitude. To look out and see big closeouts but then find a spot with mellow peeling lefts. You really never know until you paddle out. Got so many fun, easy lefts all the way in. They felt slow-motion to me when I was on them, but the watch recorded the fastest at 8.9mph at 44 yards, which totally beats Friday’s stats, even though it felt the opposite! Wacky. Anyway, stoked it counted six of my waves today.


#424 / 12 (1:20) / 3′ rising / 9′ green Mitsu
Afternoon Report for SF-San Mateo County: There’s an easing NW swell mix along with small SSW swell in the water this afternoon for knee to waist zone waves at average areas. Top exposures see sets pushing up towards chest high on occasion. Light SW to westerly wind early along with some bump/texture to the ocean surface. The tide hits a deep 5.73′ HIGH at 5:51pm.
3ft at 8s NW (313°)
1ft at 12s SW (226°)
1ft at 15s SW (228°)