Looked kinda crappy out with pretty high WNW winds when we pulled into the main lot. Shortboarders going for closeouts all along the middle sandbar. I was uninspired but Max suggested that we go to the south lot and I’m so glad he did. Didn’t notice any wind and there was a crowd around one peak but also plenty of empty space and waves breaking. Saw ‘grumpy’ guy in the lot and he was chipper – “I got some good ones at boat docks and no one’s over there!” Thanked him for the motivation and headed out. Max went out in his 2mm shortie because he’s cray like that. Haha. Actually Mark V. had said he was boarding it so Max went from his 2mm Samurai suit to the shortie just so he could say he did it :) We headed out and started getting nonstop lefts. So fun. Kind of lumpy but still so many waves to ride. Angled every take-off so hard, went zipping down the line avoiding the beach, maximizing the ride. Weee. Only one chill shortboarder on the inside of us, so any wave I wanted, I could get. Shared the lineup with some black/orange/white ducks and the cute seal whose head popped up nearby. Max is loving the Koa. Think we both got ten rides in 50 minutes although of course, my watch only counted two waves.

#423 / 1:20 (50) / 4′ rising / 9′ green Mitsu
Afternoon Report for SF-San Mateo County: NW windswell mixes with traces of mid-period NW and S swell energy to offer waist-chest high surf to exposures. Best swell magnets see some head high sets. Winds are moderate-strong from the WSW, making for sloppy conditions at exposed breaks. Tide rises to 5.51′ at 4:05pm.
4ft at 8s NW (312°)
1ft at 12s WNW (292°)
0ft at 12s SW (228°)