Worked through the weekend and didn’t surf so I was ready to get out today, even though conditions were windswell and small. Windy too but at least it wasn’t 20pmh. SF was sunny but Pacifica was shrouded in that overcast haze making everything gray and hard to see with the glare. Kinda one of those uninspiring days. But we did see one guy on a log without a leash catching some lefts and going to the nose for a short second. Paddled out with no expectations. Much to my surprise, I caught a short left early on. Then another, and another and another! The medium lines that came in were the best. Angled on one really hard since it looked like it was closing out and had a fun, fast angled left drop. Chatted with Janice in the lineup whom we haven’t seen in years. A guy on a foamie caught a wave and was smiling saying it was his first time surfing. Always fun to see others out stoked. Max’s favorite 10′ Bruce is getting repaired so he was on the Bing. It’s a lot thinner and narrower than the Bruce, making him realize again that he just loves that log. Thinking about getting one just like it, maybe from Sunset Shapers or from Brock if he’s still shaping his Dad’s boards. Anyway, fun to get out for an afternoon surf. This Mitsu is still so fun.

#421 / (2:54pm) / 3′ rising / 9′ green Mitsu
Afternoon Report for SF-San Mateo County: Very small blend of South and SW swells and NW windswell. Surf hangs around waist high or less throughout the region, most spots less. Moderate west wind is creating some surface texture/bump throughout the region. Overall – small, weak, and crumbly. Cloudy skies.
2ft at 7s WNW (298°)
1ft at 12s SW (227°)
0ft at 16s SW (228°)