Made it down before the predicted high winds. Right upper arm is still sore from Monday (?) or sleeping on it that night but not any worse. Figured I’d take it easy on that arm. Luckily, there were lots of little choppy waves coming in and I started catching those little lefts again without too much effort. Fun! A couple of shortboarders were to my south, a couple of longboarders to the north. But mostly, just easy to catch little waves practicing angling on the 7’4 and getting good takeoffs. Woo.

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Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 4.57.48 PM

#450 / 11:34 (56) / 7′4 Mitsven Egg
1-2 ft- ankle to knee high
Afternoon Report for SF-San Mateo County: Peaking, little SSW swell mixes with minor NW windswell to offer knee-waist high+ surf to exposures. Best S magnets and combo breaks see some shoulder high+ sets on the right tides. Winds are moderate+ WNW now, making for lightly textured, but still rideable conditions. Tide drops to a 2.16′ at 2:07pm.
2ft at 15s SSW (203°)
1ft at 8s W (267°)
1ft at 12s WNW (293°)