Another beautiful 82 degree day in Waikiki! We headed out for an afternoon surf at Canoes, one of the popular breaks here on the south shore. The waves were a bit bigger today but still mellow at 1.5′. Lots of surfers and SUPs out in the water. The only drawback to this break are the outrigger boats that come in and out at full speed and don’t necessarily move for surfers. They’re full of tourists paddling like mad and chanting in unison. Keep an eye out for them and get out of their way!

I was a little bit sore from yesterday, but after a few minutes in the water, I forgot about it and paddled to the outside break. I’m still getting used to reading the slower, sloping waves here (as opposed to the faster, more visible waves at Linda Mar/Pacifica). Max found himself in a great spot and signaled for me to paddle over. Once I did I went for the second set that came through, pearled once, but then caught the second wave and rode it in for a bit. Psyched! Love the long rides here and getting comfortable on my Mitsu board again. It’s fast and easy to pop up. Working on timing and positioning. Stayed out for two hours. Can’t wait to go out again tomorrow. We’re going to try and do two sessions: morning and afternoon.

#27 / 2:15 pm

[Moderate SSW swell is providing some small surf for town shorelines today. Most locations have waves in the ankle to knee high range with a some sets in the waist high range. The Kilo Nalu buoy is reading 2.8 feet @ 7 seconds…so watch for this swell to fade throughout the day. Light tradewinds will provide typical side to offshore conditions for southern shorelines.]

[Tofu scramble, wheat toast, vegan sausage patties; banana almond smoothie from Ruffage]