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Dawn patrol layover (Waikiki 103016)

Our flight left Papeete at 11:30pm and we arrived at HNL a little past 5am for our layover, went through immigration, rechecked our bags, caught a taxi and…

Waikiki Blues

From the Water

Waikiki Strolling

Waikiki Dreamin’ (052116)

So good this morning! Got out early. No crowds just our own spot catching waves with lines rolling through. So many lefts! #464 / 9’6 rental board

Waikiki Double Sesh (052016)

Morning sesh was awesome. Crazy rainbows this morning, perfectly arched into the horizon with all the colors of the spectrum. Easy to catch waves everywhere rolling left and…

Back to Waikiki (051916)

Back in Waikiki and so stoked. Max has a new 10′ “Waikiki Special” board by Randy Rarick (Bear) from Surf Garage. Lorelie has upgraded us to the junior…

Pacifica (031916)

Got a few rides including what seemed like a long left. Haven’t been surfing much b/c of the work-focus.. but I miss it and I’ll be back :)…

Waikiki (020616)

Some fun waves today on our last surf before heading home. This trip has been epic. #459 / 9’6 rental on the beach

Waikiki (020516)

Smaller today and overcast but so much fun (and work haha) trying to catch little waves. #458 / 9’6 rental on the beach

Waikiki (020416)

After being on the north shore for the amazing Volcom Pipe Pro, came back to Waikiki to chill for a few days before heading home. Small surf down…

Waikiki (013116)

Second day of fun in Waikiki before we head back to the north shore for the contest! Caught little mellow waves and basked in the sun. Post-surf chow…

Waikiki (013016)

Drove down to Waikiki during a lay day at the Volcom Pipe Pro to catch some little waves. WOO! #455 / 9’6 rental on the beach

Breathe (Waikiki 071315)

Last morning in Waikiki. Got to bed at some point last night while watching round 2 of the J-Bay event. Had the alarm set for two times -7am…

Chill (Waikiki 071215)

Last full day in Waikiki. Max wanted to chill so I went out for a solo surf for the first time in Waikiki. Rented a 9’6 from Tony….

Lots of Waves (Waikiki 071115)

Looked almost flat from the 32nd window when we checked but when we got to the beach after eating a quick sandwich and banana, there seemed to be…