Our flight left Papeete at 11:30pm and we arrived at HNL a little past 5am for our layover, went through immigration, rechecked our bags, caught a taxi and got to Waikiki before 6am. Took the photo above on the way to BK for a sandwich as the rain was ending and the sky was turning a light pink. We suited up, chatted with Tony, got our boards and paddled out with only a few SUPs and a handful of surfers in the line up. We both got a couple of waves right away and were stoked! Glad we got some small, fun waves as things started to slow down later on and we sat with others through the lull before heading in with one more wave. Had a big breakfast at the Marriott, dried our stuff in the laundry room, stopped by Koa for some stickers, got our bags and headed back to the airport for the final flight home. A few hours in Waikiki is better than none! An epic end to an epic trip.

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#473 / 9’6 rental